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Cargo transportation up to 1 ton has a special place among general transportation services. Thus, every day we witness the movement of a large number of small trucks on the roads of the country.

Cars carrying up to 1 ton of cargo in Baku are second only to passenger taxis in terms of popularity. At present, 1 ton trucks are needed by both legal entities and individuals, and this service is used for various tasks of daily life.

It is considered to be the most in-demand transportation service among customers, as it is possible to transport a wide range of products and materials with a capacity of up to 1 ton. At the same time, transportation of up to 1 ton of cargo is not so expensive for the customer, and there is a price offer in the market according to the budget of each customer. Also, the ease of movement of vehicles carrying such cargo makes customers often use this service.

However, it is possible to perform any task by making various changes in the body of this type of truck according to the volume of cargo. This, in turn, is one of the main advantages of trucks carrying up to 1 ton.

The following products are usually transported by trucks up to 1 ton:
  • Personal belongings;
  • Home appliances, furniture;
  • Office furniture;
  • Piano and other musical instruments of this type;
  • Heavy safes;
  • Materials required for design or minor repairs;
  • Food products, etc.

At present, a number of cargo transportation services are offered in this field in our country. These services, in turn, are provided by appropriate vehicles in accordance with the requirements of the customer. One of the most popular cars in this direction is the Gazelle, and almost a large number of cargo is transported by this means of transport. However, there are several types and brands of trucks on the market that can carry up to 1 ton of cargo. These cars are adapted to carry up to 1 ton of any cargo and are equipped with the necessary functions.


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