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Every day, thousands of cars are transported by tow trucks or carriers in the capital Baku and other cities of the country. These transports are carried out both within the city and over long distances. Special attention should be paid to the details of loading and transportation of vehicles in order for the vehicle to reach its destination in the best condition.

Thus, tow trucks are special equipment used to transport cars that have crashed or parked in prohibited areas and taken to the penalty area. These vehicles are equipped with a moving platform to load the car into the tow truck.

Other carriers are also designed to transport cars, motorcycles and other wheeled vehicles. Car carriers are divided into two types, open and closed. However, depending on the length of the carrier, such equipment can carry 5 to 10 cars.

Evacuators and carriers are responsible for the entire process, from loading to transportation and delivery, to the delivery of the vehicle to the required address. For this reason, it is better to consider the highest quality models when buying a tow truck or other transport equipment.

As mentioned, tow trucks are widely used to transport vehicles that are unable to move due to an accident. Evacuators are also used by municipal services to transport vehicles that have been illegally parked to designated areas.

In addition, there are cargo tow trucks for the transport of vehicles weighing more than 3 tons. These tow trucks transport heavy trucks, trailers and other equipment with or without trailers. Also widely used are two-story tow trucks, which are widely used to transport several cars at the same time. With these techniques, almost no car will be left on the road, and its delivery to the destination will be carried out in the highest quality. Not surprisingly, the sale of tow trucks is one of the most frequent transactions in the equipment market. Customers can both order and purchase this equipment, which is in great demand in Azerbaijan. Keep in mind that evacuation prices in the market may vary depending on the seller, and it is advisable to review the offers and prices in the online catalog before ordering or purchasing a tow truck.

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