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Many homeowners want their home to look as original and attractive as possible from the outside. For this purpose, facade paints are often used. When choosing a facade paint, it is necessary to approach this issue responsibly. Thus, in addition to looking attractive, facade paint must maintain its quality for a long time. For this reason, it is necessary to gather preliminary information about its types and characteristics before buying paint.

High-quality facade paint, in addition to providing the facade of the house with an aesthetic appearance, must reliably protect the facade from various destructive external factors. The service life of the facade and the strength of the walls directly depend on the color coating, so when buying paint, try to get a quality facade paint.

Thus, facade paints must have the following characteristics:
  • Must be resistant to rain and not afraid of moisture;
  • It should not lose its attractive appearance under the influence of sunlight;
  • Should not crack due to sudden temperature change;
  • It should not create conditions for the formation of mold and fungi.

There are many examples of facade paints on the construction market today. These paints differ in their price, area of ​​use and technical characteristics. Facade paints also have high breathability properties. Different types of them do not crack, swell and are resistant to shocks after hitting the wall.

Facade paints are divided into three types: silicone, silicate and acrylic paints.

It should be noted that facade paints can also be used for decorative purposes. So, they apply these paints to get a special look on surfaces such as concrete and plaster.

At present, all types of facade paint for repair and construction are sold in the construction market of our country, including Baku. Thus, it is possible to come across different brands of facade paints on the market. As for the price of facade paints, we can say that facade paints are sold at different prices in the market. In some cases, these paints are sold for less than the cost. In order not to miss the various offers in the market, it is recommended to pay attention to the ads in the online catalog.

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