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The demand for new types of cargo transportation by trucks is increasing day by day in the cities and regions of our country. So, every day with the help of these cars are transported different types of products, cargoes at short and long distances.

Up to 3.5 tons of cargo has a special place in this cargo transportation. This service has gained great popularity among customers. The main reason for this is that up to 3.5 tons of cargo can be used to transport both small and large loads. At the same time, vehicles capable of carrying up to 3.5 tons of cargo are very convenient for both domestic and business.

However, the use of trucks of this size can be divided into several types according to their purpose. The customer can choose from a selection of all isothermal vans, whether indoor or refrigerated, open for random adjustment, requesting transportation.

Can be loaded on trucks with a capacity of up to 3.5 tons:
  • Large and small furniture;
  • Computer machines;
  • Household appliances;
  • Construction materials;
  • Educational and industrial devices;
  • Different metal products;
  • House and offices moving furniture;
  • Food;
  • Perishable food product;
  • Medicines, etc.

It should be noted that the main advantage of trucks up to 3.5 tons can be its full capacity and reasonable rental price. This type of car ordering is optimal so that it is not allowed to be delivered within the city, which requires all kinds of cargo, but outside the city, even if required.

There are companies in our country to make proposals to meet all the requirements of drivers. We can carry cargo. In addition, today's market offers favorable prices for the organization of loading of 3.5 tons. The service of loading the decision corresponding to the cargo when requesting transportation can be provided by placing orders, and your time can be provided.

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