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Dump trucks are special vehicles that are used for many purposes. Its unique positive features make it the number one technique for use in many fields. Thus, this technique effectively transports various materials to the construction site, road repair site, construction sites of infrastructure facilities.

These heavy duty dump trucks are widely used all over the world and in our country. Self-propelled tractors and tonnage trailers are an excellent assistant when transporting loose materials and fine-grained goods. At the same time, dump trucks and tonnage trailers are widely used in agriculture. Thus, this technique is indispensable for harvesting and storing feed, land reclamation. In addition, utilities and giant companies use these techniques to remove snowballs and waste disposal. These vehicles are very convenient for all these tasks, as they do not require the use of additional special equipment for unloading.

However, the areas and activities in which this method is used do not end there. Thus, in addition to transporting construction materials during large-scale construction works, dump trucks also help transport discovered minerals. Tonar trailer models can offer many types of services with different functions. As an example, it can be noted that tonnage trailers, which can unload cargo from the side, have the characteristics of transporting the maximum volume and amount of cargo.

Tractors, dump trucks and other similar equipment are divided into several groups according to the type of work performed:
  • Universal. Such equipment is intended for movement on public roads, for the transportation of scattered and ball-type loads.
  • Construction equipment. It is designed for the transportation of heavy, bulky goods for construction purposes.
  • Agricultural machinery. These methods are used to transport large but light loads.
  • Dump trucks working in off-road conditions. These machines are used to transport goods to construction sites, mines and quarries.

Currently, many construction companies and agricultural enterprises in Azerbaijan need this technique. But at the same time, new and modern dump trucks can be bought or ordered for agriculture, industry, trade and housing and communal services. There are many advantageous offers for renting new air-conditioned dump trucks on the machinery sales market in our country. To use the dump truck rental service, the client no longer needs to go shopping one by one. So, anyone who wants to buy or rent such equipment can easily select the equipment of the model he needs from the online catalog of self-unloaders.

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