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Plasterboard profile (1 listing)


Plasterboard is very popular among building materials, and this material is widely used in the repair of any space, the installation of walls, ceilings and partitions. When using drywall boards for any purpose, several additional auxiliaries are used. Thus, gypsum boards are mainly glued and fastened through profiles. Although special adhesives are sometimes used to fasten the boards, it is more reliable to fasten the boards with a profile. 

It should be noted that plasterboard is used for various purposes, and their profiles are selected according to the work to be done. These metal profiles we are talking about are produced in different shapes, sizes and for different tasks. Thus, the profiles are divided into C, U and L types.

Let's look at the purposes for which these profiles are used separately: 
  • Profile C: These profiles can be used for both walls and ceilings. Such profiles can be thin, medium-thick and thick.
  • U profile: These profiles are used for both wall partitions and ceilings. U profiles can also vary in size and weight, and are available in thin, medium, and thick types. Its size is 3 meters.
  • L profile: This profile is mainly used for making various figures on walls and ceilings. These profiles are up to 3 meters long.

It should be noted that the cost of the above profiles and their types varies depending on the thickness and weight of the profiles. In general, the cost of plasterboard profiles is very cheap and affordable.

The main feature that unites all plasterboard profiles is that they are easy and convenient to use. Sometimes customers who want to get a plasterboard profile do not know exactly which product to choose, and therefore buy inappropriate material. To avoid this problem, you can get information about the products, their types and prices by looking at the online catalog of building materials.

Profiles of any thickness and size are sold in the construction market of Baku and the country as a whole. You have a chance to take advantage of the best prices without missing ads for this product. In addition, there is an opportunity to use the service of free delivery of plasterboard profiles in Baku.

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