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Floors or walls are usually damaged after some time of repair. As a result, cracks, stains and scratches appear on them. Varnishes are used to cope with all these unpleasant situations. These varnishes, which act as a special solution, form a protective layer on the applied surface and protect them from external influences.

These varnishes are equipped with many special features during production. Varnishes can be applied on several different surfaces. First of all, it should be noted that the paint is intended for use both indoors and outdoors, and therefore is divided into different types.

Varnishes intended for indoor use and construction are resistant to abrasion and form a solid and hard layer on the surface of the applied surface. Such varnishes are ideal for parquet and are considered environmentally friendly material. Varnishes used abroad form an elastic coating. This means that if the applied surface expands or shrinks, the layer created by the varnish expands and contracts along with the surface. In addition, varnishes are resistant to various weather changes, ultraviolet rays and other external influences.

Varnishes are also divided into types for wooden, stone and metal surfaces. In addition, varnishes are applied to walls, floors, furniture and facades. Varnishes for furniture can be in different colors, matte, glossy, transparent and translucent. This paint type product is also distinguished by ease of use.

The price of paints varies depending on the type of product and the areas in which it will be used. Today, all kinds of paints and varnishes are sold in the country's construction market. These products, offered at low prices in Baku and the regions, are not only high quality, but also fully meet market standards.


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