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Truck baskets are special construction machines designed to perform various work at height. Construction work is increasing day by day in our country, and for this reason, special equipment is needed to transport various loads and raise them to a certain height. All these requirements lead to the popularity of car baskets and their widespread use for various tasks. It is no coincidence that car baskets are at the forefront of the sale and rental of construction equipment.

Baskets are essentially an ordinary car equipped with a lifting mechanism and a special platform for humans. This platform usually carries certain loads and people who will perform the above task. These platforms are designed to ensure the safety of masters in all car baskets, regardless of type.

Truck baskets baskets are mainly used for the following works:
  • Construction of power and telephone lines;
  • Execution of major repair and construction works;
  • Installation of lighting system;
  • Installation of billboards;
  • Cleaning of facades and windows of buildings, etc.

These hoists are one of the most popular techniques. Thus, many construction companies and individuals can not pass without car baskets to do any work at height. For this reason, it is not surprising that car rental or purchase is one of the most common cases in the construction market.

Truck baskets baskets are divided into several types according to the task they will perform and the area of ​​use. Thus, these devices can be telescopic, elbow or combined.

Although most of these devices have a load capacity of 250-300 kg, there are models that can lift a load of 800 kg. According to the height of the tower, car baskets are divided into the following groups:
  • Low height - up to 18 meters;
  • Medium height - between 18-40 meters;
  • High height - more than 40 meters.

When buying or renting a car basket, it is important to pay attention to what it will be used for. When choosing a device for its price, first of all, it is necessary to pay special attention to its quality and the availability of parameters that will ensure the safety of craftsmen. Prices for car baskets vary depending on the manufacturer and the function they have. In general, it should be noted that the market offers car prices that fit the budget of each customer. Remember that a properly selected car basket is a reliable helper.

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