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Construction sand is a widely used construction material in any type of construction. The sand performs a drainage function and can also be used in water treatment plants. At the same time, sand is mostly used in construction and masonry. It is not recommended to use very fine-grained and powdered sand for masonry and plastering. Also, construction sand should not be clayey, otherwise you may face certain problems.

Thus, the main function of sand when obtaining a cement mixture is to fill small voids and also to provide the mortar with plasticity and fluidity.

Sand is divided into the following types:
  • Natural origin: river, quarry, sea sand;
  • Made with additional processing: quartz, construction, dry sand, etc.

The size of natural sand grains is from 0.15 mm to 5 mm. Sea sand has a high degree of purity due to the small number of impurities. For this reason, the high value of sea sand in construction is not accidental. In addition, black sand is used for masonry and plastering during construction.

Sand is a universal building material with a number of advantages. So the sand:
  • Is an environmentally friendly material, does not cause allergic reactions and does not change the microclimate of the space;
  • Has a fluidity property that fills all voids;
  • The sand used in construction is resistant to combustion. It does not emit substances harmful to the human body when exposed to fire;
  • Sand construction material is a long-lasting material. It does not change its structure over time;
  • Sand does not rot.

The sale of sand in our country is developing almost at the expense of locally produced sand materials. The growing demand for construction materials such as sand, stone and gravel is almost met by local businesses. Thus, all types of sand are sold in the local construction market. Sellers selling sand offer reasonable prices for each buyer.

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Sand (0 listing)