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Steel reinforcement building material - price, sale and delivery

The sale of fittings has a special place in the construction market, and this product is widely used in many construction projects.

The use of reinforcement when laying the foundation increases the durability of concrete structures. The fact is that the steel, on which the reinforcement is made, has high strength properties and is 7-8 times more durable than concrete. The main task of this building material is to further strengthen the concrete.

During construction, the fittings are properly distributed so that the load falls on the fittings. As the concrete, in turn, gains strength, the system becomes monolithic and its strength increases. To protect the reinforcement from external influences, there should be a protective layer of at least 70-100 mm between the reinforcement mesh and the concrete surface during the installation of the reinforcement mesh and the assembly of concrete molds.

In addition, the fittings have the following features:
  • increases the resistance of structures to cracks;
  • reduces the likelihood of bending of the structure;
  • increases the tensile strength of concrete.

Fittings can be produced in different diameters and brands. 12-18 mm diameter and A500 fittings are the most widely used products. Although the armature products are produced in metal factories with a length of 12 meters, they can be made in 4 and 6 meters lengths according to the customer's wishes.

Wholesale of all types of fittings is carried out in the construction market of Azerbaijan. Thus, the products offered by the sellers engaged in the sale of fittings in d10mm A500, d12mm A500, d14mm A500, d16mm A500, d18mm A500, d20mm A500, d22mm A500, d6mm, d7mm, d8mm diameters and brands are in great demand. There is also a reasonable price offer for each customer.

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