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Windows and doors are an integral part of any building and have a great impact on the overall appearance of the space. Thus, in addition to having many functions, doors and windows are of great importance in lighting, ventilation, as well as ensuring safety.

Doors and windows can be of different sizes, colors, shapes and made of different materials according to the wishes of homeowners.

Windows and doors are mainly made of iron, wood and plastic (PVC). Plastic and wood products provide very good thermal insulation. In addition, combined windows are also found. These windows combine the best features of all three materials.

Iron windows are mainly made of aluminum and have a number of advantages. An example of this is that iron windows are highly resistant to environmental influences. For this reason, this type of window almost does not require repair, even when used for many years. Iron doors are also distinguished by their strength and durability. In addition, iron bars are commonly used to provide security in backyard homes. These solid and strong lattices are made according to the size of the windows and can have different decorations.

In the field of modern repair and construction, plastic doors and windows are in great demand or purchased. This is not in vain. Thus, the process of installing plastic doors and windows is quick and easy. At the same time, products made of plastic have high technical properties. Plastic windows do not let in the cold outside and help maintain a comfortable temperature in the house in winter. Plastic doors can act as an entrance door to the house, as well as a balcony and a room door. PVC doors and windows can be used for many years.

Plastic doors are also resistant to moisture and are therefore an ideal choice for bathrooms and kitchens. In addition, plastic doors prevent the spread of odors and temperatures between rooms.

In addition to doors and windows, the construction market also sells floor mats and other accessories for them. Every model of windows and doors is sold in Baku and in the construction market of the country in general. The price of windows and doors varies depending on their type and material. If you want to get these products for any space, you can contact us to order windows and doors. Ads by door and window sellers will help you make the best choice.


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