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Wallpaper is one of the most common building materials during renovation. In most cases, wallpaper is preferred in interior design. There are different types of these wallpapers. Wallpaper is divided into these types according to the material from which it is made, the degree of resistance to moisture, decorative appearance and a number of other features.

Thus, wallpapers are first divided into the following types according to the material from which they are made:
  • Paper wallpaper;
  • Flizelin wallpaper;
  • Vinyl wallpaper;
  • Fabric wallpaper, etc.

Wallpaper adhesives are definitely used to attach any of the above types of wallpaper to the wall.

Wallpapers made of paper material are mainly used in rooms with low pollution, and they are not recommended for use in bathrooms, kitchens and hallways. Because these wallpapers are not washed. However, paper wallpapers are successfully used in bedrooms and children's rooms, living rooms and offices.

Flizelin wallpapers are distinguished by comfortable conditions of use and are an ideal choice for homeowners who want to paint the wallpaper itself. So, during the repair with these wallpapers, the glue is applied only to the wall, and there is no need to glue the wallpaper. When the wallpaper dries, it does not form wrinkles and gives the wall an original look. Flizelin wallpapers are also not washed.

Vinyl wallpaper has a high resistance to moisture and retains its decorative properties for a long time. Vinyl wallpaper can be washed if necessary. For this reason, they are mainly used in bathrooms and kitchens.

Fabric wallpapers are distinguished by their luxurious appearance. With these wallpapers it is possible to create designs in both classic and modern styles. Fabric wallpapers are not washable, but can be wiped with a dry cloth.

Today, in addition to the above-mentioned wallpapers, a number of stylish and modern wallpapers are produced in the field of repair and construction. These latest models of wallpapers are met with great interest by buyers, and in most cases, customers choose these products. Probably everyone has encountered a large number of wallpaper houses in Baku and outside the city. Walking through these stores to find the desired wallpaper is a significant waste of time and energy. Instead, you can get all kinds of wallpapers by looking at the online wallpaper catalog, which also includes the latest models. There are many offers in the catalog, from cheap to expensive wallpapers.

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