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Fuel trucks, like other trucks, are designed to transport goods and are mainly used to transport oil products. The conditions of use and mode of operation of these machines do not differ much from those of other trucks and special equipment. However, the main requirement for fuel trucks is that they are fire safe. In addition, the tank of fuel trucks is securely attached to the cab to prevent accidents.
The main task of these fuel trucks, which have a significant load capacity, is to transport oil products over long and short distances. Although cisterns are made of aluminum or steel to ensure a high level of safety, aluminum structures are more commonly used. Thus, the constructions made of this material guarantee the transparency of the fluid and reduce the load on the chassis. Such cisterns are durable and do not corrode. However, cisterns are equipped with additional equipment to ensure transportation safety and to prevent leaks.

Also, thanks to a special design, the temperature inside the barrel remains unchanged. As a result, the probability of ignition of the transported oil product is reduced to almost zero, and evaporation does not occur during transportation.

Fuel trucks are mainly used in the following areas:
  • Oil industry;
  • Production of diesel and fine kerosene;
  • Construction site (for fuel delivery);
  • For transportation of oil and fuel oil.

The carrying capacity of fuel trucks varies from 24 to 38 tons. The capacity can be from 23 to 45 cubic meters.

These machines have a number of advantages. The most important of these are:


  • extremely high maneuverability;
  • Demonstrate resilience on the roads;
  • having a large capacity;
  • carry out lossless transportation.

It is no secret that in our daily lives we need fuel for comfortable movement, as well as for the uninterrupted operation of industrial enterprises. In order not to delay this process, many entrepreneurs can speed up the process by purchasing a fuel truck and ensure uninterrupted operation. By buying a fuel truck, you have a chance to easily transport fuel to any place on the country's roads. If you do not have plans to buy a fuel car, there are many affordable offers on the market for renting this type of car.

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