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Acoustic materials (3 listing)


Strong and irritating sounds impair people's quality of life and prevent them from resting and relaxing. Although outside noise is usually isolated through windows, some sounds even pass through windows. Various acoustic materials are used to insulate or absorb such sounds.

Unpleasant sounds have different transmission mechanisms and are divided into 3 types:
  • Shock;
  • Weather;
  • Structured.

Shock sounds are the result of strong mechanical effects on the walls of the house. These can be drums, hammer sounds and other sounds heard during repairs.

Sounds from the air, as the name implies, are transmitted through the air. Examples include human and animal sounds, as well as sounds from television, music centers, and instruments.

Structural noises are caused by the operation of various systems of houses (elevators, heating systems, ventilation, water supply systems).

Typically, all three types of sounds combine to create harmful background sounds. This, in turn, can lead to sleep disorders, irritability and anxiety. In addition, excessive noise levels can lead to some neurological disorders.

Decorative acoustic materials created with the technology of acoustic materials are designed to save people from such problems. The main purpose of these materials is to provide any space with acoustics. Special acoustic ceilings and wall tiles are used for this purpose. These products can effectively absorb or reflect sound, depending on the type of task. Thus, the types of acoustic materials are divided into sound-absorbing and sound-insulating materials.

Sound-absorbing materials are mainly used in industrial buildings and soundproofing of technical facilities where sound attenuation is required. In addition, sound-absorbing materials are used to create optimal hearing conditions in any sound space or to improve the acoustic properties of the space.

Sound insulation is used in the following places: 
  • Offices, offices, conference halls;
  • Hospitals, restaurants, waiting rooms;
  • Cinemas and theaters;
  • Music schools, concert halls, etc.

As in many parts of the world, there is a great demand for acoustic materials in our country, especially in Baku, and the sale of these materials is actively carried out. The online catalog also includes ads for acoustic materials. It is very convenient to get any kind of quality material through them. The price of acoustic materials varies depending on the technical characteristics of the product.


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