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Waste carriers are special vehicles used for collection, sorting, transportation and unloading of waste in public utilities. It is difficult to imagine the streets of the capital Baku without waste carriers. Every day, waste carriers on the streets of the city do not allow the appearance of the city to be tarnished.

Waste carriers collect waste from the territory of residential and industrial enterprises and transport it either to landfills or to plants where waste is processed or incinerated.

The types of waste vehicles vary depending on the type of waste they carry. Waste carriers transport almost all types of waste. Such vehicles are widely used not only in the transportation of household waste, but also in other areas.

Waste trucks help customers in a number of areas, including:
  • Hotels and restaurants;
  • Building materials stores;
  • Manufacturing plants;
  • Sewing factories;
  • Food and beverage stores;
  • Printing companies;
  • Construction sites;
  • Advertising companies, etc.

Garbage trucks differ in the size of their bodies and the weight of the waste dumped in them. The volume of the bodies of these techniques can be from 6 to 20 cubic meters. The carrying capacity of these machines starts from 2 tons and can reach a maximum of 10 tons. Waste to this special equipment can be discharged both manually and mechanically. During mechanical unloading, it is possible to unload garbage from the garbage can or other waste truck to the waste truck.

As in any other country, Baku offers waste carrier rental services. The owners of any business, production facility, as well as anyone who wants to get rid of the waste generated in the house after the repair, can get rid of this burden once and for all by ordering waste carriers. There are affordable offers on the market for anyone who wants to get rid of unnecessary burden. In addition, the prices of waste carriers are at a level that will satisfy customers.

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