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Excavators are one of the most important examples of special equipment used in earthworks. This technique is widely used in a number of areas, including repair and construction. Excavators have a fairly simple structure, consisting of a moving mechanism, a control cabin and a bucket block.

Regardless of the area in which it is used, the main feature of excavators is that the upper part is very mobile. Thus, the excavator can move its bucket in any direction for the most effective performance of tasks. In this case, its mechanism of action does not move and remains the same. It also differs from other techniques by its ease of use and demonstrates positive features such as high functionality, productivity and versatility, regardless of the type of work performed.

Both individuals and business owners can take advantage of the modern technological capabilities of this technology to speed up the work process and raise their business to a new level.

There is a great demand for excavators in our country, as they can easily cope with different and different levels of tasks. This technique is mainly used in the following areas and to perform the above tasks:

· Construction of roads, creation of dirt roads along roadsides;

· Construction and demolition of buildings;

· Construction of dams;

· Execution of various works in mines and quarries;

· Excavation of soil, sand, iron ore, granite and other types;

· Drilling of ditches and holes of different sizes;

· Cleaning the construction site or leveling the excavated soil, etc.

Like other similar techniques, excavators can be wheeled and tracked, depending on the rules of movement. Wheeled excavators can move more comfortably in urban conditions, do not damage the asphalt and do not make noise.

In addition, excavators are divided into several models depending on the conditions of use:

· Universal. These excavators are commonly used on construction sites. This type of equipment is characterized by medium size, high maneuverability and productivity;

· Used in mining. Such excavators are small enough to move comfortably in mines, tunnels and narrow spaces;

· Used in quarries. These techniques can be of any size and are equipped with a large bucket to increase work efficiency.

Rental and sale prices of excavators, one of the most popular equipment in Azerbaijan, meet market standards. Customers can make the right choice by reviewing the offers and prices for excavators from the online catalog. Excavator sales shops and individuals are able to meet the needs and requirements of each customer.

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