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Tile adhesives are a material used for bonding ceramic, granite, marble and polymer tiles with different surfaces. The history of this mortar is directly related to the invention of such tiles. However, it is not clear who invented such adhesives and in what year they began to be used.

Modern tile adhesives have different compositions and are required for bonding different materials. However, these adhesives have a number of different properties. In general, tile adhesives are a mixture of cement with mineral additives, organic compounds and polymer modifiers.

Thus, cement is an integral part of any tile adhesive. The additional mineral substances in the adhesives, in addition to this solution, make it resistant to moisture, frost and heat. In addition, these additives can be used in concrete, brick, natural stone, asbestos cement, plaster, gypsum, etc. Improves adhesion properties to various surfaces such as

Tile adhesives are designed to perform a variety of tasks both at home and abroad. Ceramic adhesives used for both directions must have different compositions. Thus, adhesives intended for indoor use must be resistant to daily and seasonal temperature changes and humidity.

However, tiles and other similar tiles are also used outdoors. Thus, glass, marble and stone tiles are required when designing the interior of pools. In this case, white or gray ceramic adhesive is used when laying light-colored or transparent tiles. Also, the rules for using ceramic adhesives are very easy and convenient.

The longevity and durability of the laid tile depends not only on the tile material, but also on the quality of the ceramic adhesive. The quality of the adhesive chosen taking into account all the features of the material to be used guarantees the final result. Finally, we can say that tile adhesives are a reliable and in-demand material used during repair and construction works.

Currently, you can find tile adhesives at low prices in the construction market of the capital Baku and the country as a whole. These easy-to-apply adhesives will significantly speed up the repair process. If you can not determine which adhesive is required according to the material, the ads for the sale of tile adhesive in the online catalog will help you in this matter.

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