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In the age of high technology, mankind has come a long way in the field of energy. Electricity not only brings light and heat to our homes, but also provides my daily comfort. Sometimes it is difficult to imagine our lives without home appliances.

Electricity has contributed to a number of areas of society. These include transport, communications, health and even culture. Undoubtedly, as a result of the active development of electricity, cables were also created to transmit electricity.

At present, the modern cable industry provides the production area with a wide range of cables. Each type of cable is designed to perform individual tasks.

If you look closely at the installation cables you use in your home or other areas, you will see that they are mostly made of copper, not aluminum. Cables can be of different brands and sizes.

Today, cables are generally divided into the following groups:
  • Low voltage cables
  • Medium voltage cables
  • High voltage cables


In this case, low-voltage cables have a voltage of 0-1 Kv, medium-voltage cables 1kV-35kV, and high-voltage cables 35kV-154kV, respectively.

In addition, cables are divided into different groups according to their areas of use and purpose. Thus, as mentioned above, cables can be used in household, aviation, industry, railway, maritime, etc. widely used in many fields.

As for the purpose of use, we can note that the cables can be used for communication, remote control, sound systems.

In general, we can give examples of various cables as signal and control, telephone, audio and video, video surveillance, fiber optic cables, device cables, etc.

As in all countries, there is a great demand for cables in our country. It is not surprising that all types of cables are sold cheaply and at reasonable prices in the country's construction market, mainly in Baku. In addition, the cables offered in the market are of different sizes and meet the standards. There is no need to go shopping if a cable is required for any purpose. So, in the online catalog of building materials there are many ads for the sale of cables. Here you have the opportunity to evaluate offers for both wholesale and retail sales of cables.

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