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Clamp is a material used for installation, fastening and fastening of hoses, small diameter pipes and electric wires. These ring materials are an invaluable product to increase efficiency and reliability.

The structure of this material is quite simple and resembles a ring. Clamps are also made of both metal and plastic. Clamps are mainly designed for joining and fastening strong materials. With the help of this product it is possible to cope with many tasks. Even water leaks can be prevented with the help of clamps. In addition, these materials are widely used in the repair industry.

There are several types of clamps, and the appropriate clamp is selected depending on the classification of the task to be performed. At the same time, the price of a wide range of raw materials depends on the size, brand and quantity of goods.

 So, let's look at the types of hamsters, their differences and areas of use:
  • Hose clamps. Such models are used for tight connection of hoses or other elastic materials. In this case, these models of clamps act as temporary fasteners that can be quickly installed and removed. It is also possible to use these clamps several times.
  • Pipe clamps. Such clamps are used to fasten pipes to walls or other supporting structures. This model with different diameters is sold in the construction market.
  • Ventilation clamps. As the name suggests, such clamps are used for fastening and installation of ventilation systems. The clamps used for this purpose are made of two thin steel plates and fastened to each other with bolts and nuts.
  • Raw material for repair. This type of clamp is used to close pipes and no welding is required when using these types. Also, clamps for repairs are used to quickly eliminate accidents in water supply systems. For these purposes, multi-part, one-sided and two-sided clamps are distinguished.
  • Plastic clamps. Nylon is used in the production of these clamps.

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