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Gravel is one of the natural materials used in construction. As with other granular building materials, the size of the gravel varies between 5 and 70 mm. Gravel used in construction can be of various origins. These are gravels of mountain, river, sea, glacial and lake origin.

At the same time, gravel is distinguished by its strength and frost resistance. These properties vary depending on the origin of the gravel. The pebbles also have a wide range of colors and can be pink, light blue, yellow and brown. One of the main advantages of this natural material is that it is an environmentally friendly material. This material also does not react with most substances.

In construction, gravel is used in concrete and flooring. In this case, more gravel of mountain origin is required. Thus, such a material provides better adhesion of particles in the cement mortar and increases its strength. The gravel used for this purpose must be clean. Another function is to fill large gaps in the concrete. Due to this feature, gravel is used when laying foundations. It is also recommended for laying gravel roads.

In addition, construction gravel is important in both landscape and interior design. This material is widely used in landscape design due to its resistance to external influences and durability. At the same time, it has a pleasant appearance. These two features make gravel an indispensable material in the field of design.

The products of local entrepreneurs who produce gravel help to have a wide range in the construction market. Like other building materials, there are many suitable offers for the sale of gravel in the market. It is possible to get a very high quality gravel product by considering the sellers' offers on gravel prices.

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Gravel (4 listing)