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PVA adhesives are a world-renowned product used for a variety of household and industrial applications. These adhesives differ from others by ease of use, high level of reliability and affordable price. With the help of these adhesives, it is possible to glue many items, from paper to ceramics.

Currently, various brands of PVA adhesives are sold in the construction market. Many types of this product are quick-drying, as well as high quality. It is clear that different types of adhesives are used in different areas according to their purpose.

Also, let's take a look at what types of these easy-to-use adhesives are in high demand today:
  • Household PVA adhesives. These types of adhesives are used to glue wallpaper from paper and paper material in the home. These materials can be glued to plastered, concrete or wooden surfaces with this adhesive. Adhesives used for this purpose are visually white or beige. Such adhesives also have a faint odor. In addition, these adhesives have the ability to withstand temperatures down to minus 40 degrees Celsius.
  • PVA adhesives used in stationery. This type of product is used for gluing paper or cardboard. Adhesives used in this field differ in composition from household adhesives and are more fluid. At the same time, these adhesives are white or beige. However, these adhesives do not have frost resistance.
  • Universal PVA adhesives. This type of adhesive is required when working with paper, cardboard, wood, leather and glass. Universal PVA adhesives have very strong adhesion properties and therefore adhere well to slippery surfaces. They also have the ability to withstand temperatures down to minus 20 degrees Celsius.
  • Super PVA adhesives. This type is a reinforced type of standard PVA adhesive. Thus, these adhesives have a special composition that increases the strength of the adhesive several times. These adhesives can even be used to attach ceramic tiles to the wall and linoleum on the floor. Also, super PVA adhesives show strong resistance to frost and do not lose their properties even at temperatures below minus 40 degrees. For this reason, it can be used in unheated areas.
  • PVA adhesives for repair and construction works. These adhesives are rarely used alone for these purposes. These adhesives are mainly used as a reinforcing agent in mortars used for the construction of bricks, tiles and other materials. plays a role. Also, these adhesives are resistant to frost and are therefore widely used in work abroad.


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