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Cement is a mineral, binder, one of the main building materials, without which it is impossible to imagine mass construction all over the world.

Cement has a number of positive properties and is widely used. Today, a wide range of cements is presented on the building materials market at an affordable price to everyone.

When interacting with water and other liquids, cement hardens and turns into a stone-like body. It also has the ability to set well in a humid environment, so it is advisable to store it in a dry place.

Cement is used for the preparation of mortars, combining with other concrete aggregates (gravel, sand, gravel) and water.

This solution can be used in both industrial and domestic construction, for masonry and plastering, as well as in the construction of roads, tanks, bridges and many other buildings. Of course, in addition to the cement used, the concrete aggregates must also be of good quality to achieve an ideal result.

The quality of the cement depends on its composition. Cement grade strength is one of the main quality indicators.

The strength of cement is determined by the letter M and the number: M200, M300, M400 and indicates the maximum strength properties.

In the European standard, cements are labeled in terms of strength as 32.5, 42.5 and 52.5.

Currently, cement of the M300, M400, M500 and M600 brands can be purchased on the construction market of Azerbaijan. Cement companies offer their customers a wide range of cement products that can be purchased both wholesale and retail.

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