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Minor household appliance (2 listing)


The sale of household appliances is common in many areas, including construction. Retail stores also play an important role in the construction sector. So, you can easily find any small or medium-sized equipment and tools that are in great demand in these stores.

As the name suggests, the sellers of household appliances sell more than a thousand accessories, tools and items. 

The following tools and goods are mainly sold in hardware stores in the construction sector:
  • Screws, nails and screws of any size and shape;
  • Ax, saw, hammer, grater, pliers, screwdriver, "English keys";
  • Spatulas, brushes, rollers;
  • Rope, meters, scales;
  • Buckets and baths;
  • Gloves, goggles and masks to protect face and eyes;
  • Paints, emulsions, varnishes and other additives;
  • Locks and keys;
  • Electrical accessories, lanterns;
  • Tools required for the garden;
  • Waist and trowels;
  • Adhesives;
  • Plastering tools;
  • Hand tools, etc.

Retailers already sell a wide range of products online. We can even say that all kinds of retail sales online show more effective results. In addition, 1001 retail items are sold wholesale and retail. The price of small goods varies depending on the size and type of product sold. In general, we can say that 1001 small products are mainly sold at low prices. Retailers in Baku and the regions are aware of all the products and do not hesitate to help the customer when needed.


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