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Duct products made of wood have been known as a natural building material for many years. Over time, new technologies have emerged for the production of this material, which has significantly expanded the use of duct.

During construction, ducting of wall, floor and ceiling coverings, construction of partitions, certain works on the roof, etc. widely used for many jobs. Duct is a material that is very easy to process and process.

Ducts are divided into different groups according to thickness, size and category (I-IV). Dictes measuring 1520 × 1520 mm are the most commonly used materials. As for the thickness, it is mainly (1.52 * 1.52) 8 mm, (1.52 * 1.52) 10 mm, (1.52 * 1.52) 12 mm, (1.52 * 1.52 ) 14 mm, (1.52 * 1.52) 15 mm, (1.52 * 1.52) 18 mm and (1.52 * 1.52) 20 mm thick dictations are used. In general, the standard thickness of duct boards can be from 2 mm to 40 mm.

And finally, when it comes to the categories of duct, it should be noted that:
  • Ducts belonging to I and II categories for facade works;
  • Category III and IV duct products are mostly used for concrete formwork.

Ducts made from coniferous trees are also the most popular duct product. These types of duct lists are mainly used for initial use in construction work. The most positive feature of this material is that it is resistant to moisture.

The construction market offers reasonable prices for all types of wholesale duct products. It is possible to get a wide range of this product, which is in great demand in general. If you can't decide which product is better, professional duct salespeople will help you make the right choice.

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