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Parquet has a special place among floor coverings and is distinguished by its luxurious appearance. This material is distinguished by its high quality, durability and originality. Of course, the popularity of parquet is not in vain. Thus, parquet flooring is mainly made of durable materials such as oak and beech. In addition, the oak material has eye-catching and clearly distinguished stripes. For this reason, floors made of this material give the house a special pleasant look.

Parquet boards have been used as floor coverings for many years. This material is used to cover the floors of houses, museums, party halls, office buildings, and even gyms. Parquet has also recently been used to equip basketball, volleyball and athletics halls. At the same time, the installation of parquet is an easy process, which allows you to complete the repair quickly.

The following types of parquet boards are mainly distinguished:
  • Parquet board
  • Massive parquet;
  • Exotic parquet;
  • Art parquet;
  • Pronto;
  • Parquet module ;
  • Bamboo parquet;
  • Vinyl parquet, etc.

Thus, the wide range of types of parquet gives customers a wide range of options. However, despite the daily production of new types of parquet, classic parquet still retains its popularity.

Today, as in the past, quality parquet flooring is highly valued. Modern boards, in turn, are equipped with a number of modern features. These are the environmental friendliness of parquet, sound insulation properties and prestige in the construction market.

A wide range of parquet products is sold in the construction market of Baku and the country as a whole. Although parquet is a bit more expensive than laminate, it is always possible to find cheap parquet in Baku.


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