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Putty is a construction material used in various stages of repair and construction work. The use of this material is wide.

This putty is applied as a plaster during a number of activities. Thus, during major repairs or construction in general, the surface to be worked should be as smooth as possible before painting the ceiling or gluing wallpaper. In this case, putty is used to eliminate gaps, protrusions and curves in the wall or ceiling. It is impossible to achieve an ideal smooth surface without this plaster material, and putty should be applied responsibly. So, even the smallest and at first glance invisible defect in the wall will spoil the whole image after the repair and will be clearly visible. If the putty you use is not of good quality, the end result will not satisfy you at all.

Putty has a number of positive features and always attracts users. Thus, this plaster product is perfectly applied to cement, brick, plasterboard, allows you to get a neat and smooth surface and provides a ready-made result to start repair work.

Putty is sold in both powder and ready-to-use form. As its name suggests, when you get this powdered material, it is first dissolved in water and brought to the required condition. It should be noted that putty in powder form is considered more profitable. So you can add this type of product in the required amount, and save the rest for future use. In addition, this product can be added both manually and with the help of a special mixer.

The ready-to-use putty solution is applied with the help of metal, plastic or rubber spatulas. In addition, putties can be used both externally and internally, and are selected according to the characteristics of the part to be injected. Also, facing putty has a number of advantages:

  • Durable and long lasting;
  • It is elastic;
  • Does not crack and is very strong;
  • Does not lose;
  • The price is very affordable.

Putty is widely used by craftsmen engaged in individual repair and construction work, homeowners who carry out repairs themselves, as well as construction companies. It is very easy to find the cheapest putty in Baku. You can make the most affordable choice by looking at the ads in the online catalog of construction materials.


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