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Concrete has a special role in the construction market. Concrete is successfully used in domestic, industrial, repair and road construction. All this is possible due to the unique properties of this building material.

As we know, concrete is a building material of artificial origin and is formed from a mixture of sand, cement, large or small aggregates and water. Many different types of concrete are produced depending on the materials they contain.

In the modern world, it is difficult to imagine any construction without concrete. Thus, concrete determines the longevity and reliability of the construction.

Concrete differs in its main purpose, fillers, structure and hardness.

In addition, concrete is used for its intended purpose in the following cases:
  • for the creation of columns, slabs and similar structures;
  • for hydraulic structures, construction of dams, canal lining;
  • for wells, reservoirs and underground structures;
  • for road construction and surface construction;
  • for special purpose buildings, etc.

At the same time, the quality of concrete is determined by its high properties. Thus, the main positive features of concrete are its strength, water resistance, thermal conductivity and frost resistance.

In the construction market in Azerbaijan, you can find all kinds of concrete, from the most expensive to the cheapest. Concrete prices vary depending on the type, brand and characteristics of the product. The strength of concrete is expressed by the letter "M" and numbers from 50 to 1000. At present, all types of concrete are sold wholesale in the construction market. You can make the best choice by considering the prices of (M100) B7.5, (M200) B15, (M300) B22.5, (M400) B30 and class concretes offered by many sellers.

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