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Mini excavators are universal equipment widely used in all construction-related works. The possibilities of this technique are wide. Mini excavators, despite their small size, have high throughput and maneuverability.

Today, most excavation work is done with the help of excavators. The main element of this technique is a bucket, through which the soil is excavated and transported.

Mini excavators have all the advantages of large-scale equipment. However, its small size allows it to be used effectively in limited spaces. This, in turn, is the main advantage of mini excavators.

Significantly less weight (3-5 tons) allows you to place it in the most inaccessible places with ordinary cranes. Thus, these excavators can easily perform their work on the roofs of buildings, pits, wells and similar areas. These excavators have both wheeled and caterpillar types.

This unique technique is used for the following purposes:
  • Demolition of buildings;
  • Drilling of mines and tunnels;
  • Digging trenches at different depths to form networks;
  • Drilling small holes for the foundations of buildings and structures;
  • Construction of treatment facilities, swimming pools, sports grounds;
  • Landscaping of squares, parks, gardens;
  • Carrying out various works in other inaccessible places.

Sometimes, during the reconstruction and demolition of buildings, it is necessary to work inside the space, where the ceiling is low. Most of these tasks are solved with the help of mini excavators and small bulldozers.

In addition, due to their small size and rubber caterpillars, mini excavators can be successfully used for landscaping in urban areas without damaging the environment.

Standard mini excavators weigh 1-5 tons, and supermini excavators weigh 6-10 tons. 10-ton mini-excavators combine the technical features and compactness of large-scale special equipment. For this reason, the sale of mini excavators does not lag behind in competition with other equipment. At present, the sale and lease of equipment that plays an important role in the construction industry of our country is carried out. You do not need to go to hardware stores and waste time. Thus, customers have the opportunity to choose and order the model of their choice from the catalog of mini excavators. Even the offered models are available at the factory price. As for the price of mini-excavators, we can say that the price and rent of this equipment fully correspond to its features and are affordable for customers.

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