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Laminate is a popular floor covering used in modern interiors. These irreplaceable coatings can be used both at home and in the office. Although laminates are similar to parquet in some respects, both floor coverings have different properties. This material has high physical properties, decorative qualities and ease of use.

In addition, laminates are distinguished by their reasonable prices, easy installation, high performance and pleasant appearance. 

It should be noted that laminate can be used not only for floors, but also for walls and ceilings. However, most people today are unaware of this feature of laminate.

Laminates are mainly produced in standard forms. Laminate flooring is usually 1.2 to 2 meters long and 19-20 centimeters wide. The thickness of the laminate is 7-8 mm.

In addition to the above, laminates have a number of other advantages:
  • Laminate flooring does not require special care. There are no traces of strollers, high-heeled shoes and scratches on such floors. Even if a heavy object falls on the laminate floor, the damage will be minimal. It is also very convenient to clean this floor.
  • Laminate is reliable and durable. DVP tiles and protective layers increase the reliability and strength of the floor.
  • Laminate has many decorative properties. Thanks to printing, it is possible to choose from a wide range of patterned laminates.
  • Reasonable price. Laminates have affordable prices compared to other floor coverings.
  • Laminate installation is completed quickly. The person who hits the floor achieves the perfect end result by joining the tiles one by one.

It is safe to say that laminate flooring is in great demand in Baku. Thus, laminate boards of all types and models are sold in the construction market of the country. Customers have a chance to choose the most affordable product by watching the laminate ads in the online catalog.

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