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It is difficult to call a house without a roof a house. Different types of coatings are used for the roof. Roofing protects the house from many environmental influences, as well as gives it a special beauty. There are several types of these coatings, and each of them has certain characteristics. Thus, some types of roofing are ideal for urban and some for out-of-town use.

It is clear that many buildings, from homes to agriculture, need roofing. When choosing a roofing material for all these purposes, it is necessary to be aware of the characteristics of the coatings separately. In addition, the choice of roofing depends on the climate, customer demand, type and structure of the building, the customer's budget, etc. it also depends on such factors.

The following types of roofing are common:


These roofs are installed at an inclination of 12-45 degrees. Metal-tile is widely used in roofing of cottages and low-rise buildings in different climatic conditions.

Advantages of metal-tile:
  • Light weight;
  • Easy to install;
  • The price is cheap;
  • Has different colors and shapes.
Elastic tile

Elastic tile is widely used in roofs of difficult construction, including multi-slope. It is recommended to install these types of tiles with an inclination of 11 to 90 degrees.

Advantages of elastic tile:
  • Reliable waterproofing;
  • Very little loss during installation;
  • Provides the building with high heat and sound insulation;
  • Light weight;
  • It does not corrode.
Composite tile

Composite tiles are multi-layer roofing and have the characteristics of metal-tile and elastic tile. Composite tile is considered a universal roofing material. These coatings are resistant to temperature changes, precipitation and ultraviolet rays. Such roofs are installed with an inclination of more than 12 degrees.

Advantages of composite tiles:
  • High sound insulation;
  • It is light;
  • Fire resistant;
  • Has a service life of 50 to 100 years;
  • It does not corrode. 

In addition to the above, cement-sand tiles, ceramic tiles and ondulin are also widely used. 

You can buy all kinds of roofing from the construction market of our country, from metal to ceramic tiles. Cheap and affordable roofing is in great demand in Baku. Service in this area is becoming more convenient day by day, and now it is possible to research the prices of roofing in the online catalog and make the most affordable choice. Various roof coverings are sold wholesale and retail. In addition, among the ads there are offers for the sale of used and second-hand roofing.


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