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Angle is a widely used material in many areas. Thus, in the construction of the yard, in the construction of greenhouses, metal structures, it is sometimes impossible to carry out the work without a corner. Also, it is impossible to imagine a modern industrial or domestic construction site without this material. Corners are indispensable for the fastening and installation of metal structures during construction and installation work. At the same time, metal angles are widely used in the implementation of fastening works when laying various pipes on the ground.

As for the construction site, the corner is an indispensable material in the construction of any high-rise building. During monolithic construction, the corner acts as a rigid reinforcement for reinforcing concrete.

Angles made of good and durable material are able to cope with a number of tasks. Steel corners have stronger properties than others. For this reason, there is a great demand in the construction industry for metal corners made of this material. These irreplaceable corners, which are a product of construction, allow them to withstand large and heavy loads. It is not for nothing that these corners are taken in large numbers to perform many tasks during the repair work.

Also, steel angles are an invaluable helper in the field of furniture production. Its reliability and resistance to deformation allow you to create furniture patterns that will serve people for many years.

Along with steel corners, aluminum corners are also produced, which are in great demand in the construction market. Aluminum corners are also widely used in the furniture industry and a number of other areas. The main advantage of corners made of this material is that they are resistant to corrosion and have properties such as electrical conductivity. Also, due to their low weight and flexibility, aluminum corners have become an integral part of materials used in various fields of human activity.

In addition to the above, the angles are also used for the following tasks:
  • Construction of stairs ;
  • Fixing window and door edges;
  • Creation of naves, swings, gates, frames on doors;
  • Construction of shelves in warehouses and production facilities, etc.

In general, the main positive features of corners are their durability and longevity, resistance to external influences and reasonable price.

There are iron corners for various works in the construction market of our country. Thus, the sale of metal corners in Baku is one of the areas of demand. For this reason, every customer has a chance to get all kinds of metal corners at a low price.


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