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Water tanks play an important role in collecting and storing water, which is an important part of daily life. Modern industrial enterprises produce water tanks of various materials for the collection, transportation and storage of water. Containers, tanks and cisterns are mainly used as water tanks.

In addition, the above-mentioned products are made of various materials such as polymer (plastic), metal and fiber. Each of the water tanks made of these materials has many unique features. We must also be able to choose the type and size of tanks we will use, given that the water used in domestic and industrial use is completely different.

Water tanks are commonly used to supply water to homes and crops in areas with poor water supply. Like all other products, water tanks can be small, medium and large. Large water tanks are mainly used in garden houses, and these tanks perform several functions.

So, let's distinguish the purposes for which water tanks made of different materials are used and what are their characteristics.

Plastic tanks

The most commonly used tanks in modern times are made of plastic. Plastic tanks have an important position in the market of water tanks due to their ease of use and many features. Tanks made of this material have a capacity of several liters to several tons.

In addition, plastic tanks have the following properties:

A wide range of types according to shape and size is available

They can be installed anywhere. Such plastic tanks can be placed on the ground or mounted on specially designed supports. In addition, plastic containers do not require special protection against corrosion, resistant to moisture, sudden temperature changes, various substances in the liquid

The price is very reasonable. Used water tanks are also sold at low prices in the market.

Iron tanks 

These tanks are not as popular as plastic tanks. This is due to its heavy weight, corrosion and so on. Iron tanks also have several types.

In addition to iron and plastic tanks, fiberglass tanks are also used to collect and store water. These tanks are distinguished by their durability. If we look at the offers in the construction market, we will see that water tanks of all sizes are sold here. In addition, water tanks of both standard and square sizes are sold. It should also be noted that along with new water tanks, used water tanks are also in great demand.

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