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Ruberoid has been widely used as a roofing material for many years. This material, also called tol or bitumen membrane, is an excellent helper for both roofing and waterproofing purposes.

Depending on the type of ruberoid, the conditions of its use also vary. Thus, ruberoid can be used in combination with other roofing materials, as well as the roof itself. For this reason, it is possible to use several layers of roofing felt to carry out further work on the roof. The quality of the roof in terms of waterproofing depends on how well these fibers are selected and applied.

As mentioned, the fibers are widely used mainly for roofing, basements and foundations for waterproofing.

The modern construction industry offers about 60 types of bituminous materials for roofing. Ruberoid has changed its composition several times during its evolution.

This material has a number of positive features. First of all, it should be noted that the fibers sold mainly in rolls differ from other materials due to their low cost. In addition, roofing felt is durable, easy to use and lightweight. Ruberoid is also indispensable for waterproofing.

The use of ruberoid when installing roofing not only helps to save money, but also significantly speeds up the process of waterproofing. So, in this case, the roll is opened at the place of injection, and it does not require much effort to adjust.

Today, ruberoid is widely used in cities and regions of the country, including Baku. Tollar has a special place in the construction market, along with other roofing materials. The above-mentioned fibers are sold at reasonable prices, and prices may vary depending on the type. In addition, there are many offers on the market for free delivery of tolls in Baku and Absheron. If you do not know exactly what product you need, the sellers of ruberoid will help you make the right choice.


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