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Aglay (11 listing)


Aqlay is a natural facing stone widely used in repair and construction. These stones of natural origin are obtained in various quarries of Azerbaijan.

This material is widely used for the design and decoration of facades, floors and stairs of buildings. Also, aglai stones are ideal for creating various decorative patterns around the fireplace during interior design.

However, aglai stone, a symbol of reliability and durability, differs from many popular stone materials. When we use aglai stones for the facades of buildings, we give the building a unique pleasant look and uniqueness.

These stones are completely resistant to sudden changes in temperature and humidity, which prolongs the life of the facade of the building. These stones are also resistant to abrasion.

In addition, it is possible to create sculptural patterns, fountains, patterned and decorative stones by carving aglai stone slabs. 

It is safe to say that in many regions of the country, including Baku, aglai stones are preferred for facades. Aqlay tiles have a chance to be used for many purposes and are therefore in demand in the market. The price of aglai stones is reasonable compared to other decorative stones, and many sellers in Baku sell cheap aglai stones. Any customer who wants to get this durable and long-lasting material can easily make the most affordable choice from the aglay grinding ads in the online catalog.


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