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About us

Our company Our company

Tikin.az project is an online catalog of construction materials and price aggregator in Azerbaijan. Our site is a Finance Group product that has been providing audit and consulting services since 2017. Our company is closely acquainted with all the features of the market and allows you to find the most optimal seller for the customer.

Also, our portal plays the role of an online catalog of construction materials in our country and is designed taking into account the maximum convenience of customers. Thus, our site allows the customer to find the nearest seller and the cheapest price offer. A customer wishing to purchase any construction material will see the offers of sellers in the same settlement by choosing the settlement where he lives on the portal. However, our portal also gives the customer a chance to choose the price range from the cheapest to the most expensive product. Tikin.az site has construction materials and logistics ads according to the wishes of each customer.

Our mission Our mission

As Tikin.az catalog of construction materials and logistics, our main mission is to contribute to the construction materials market in Azerbaijan and the country's economy in general. However, our goal is to eliminate inequality in the market by providing each customer with the product they are looking for, and each customer with the product they desire, through our portal.

Our vision Our vision

Our portal is interested in providing services related to the sale of construction products in a fully online form. We will innovate in this area of ​​service by selling construction products and paying through the online platform. We hope that our site will become an invaluable tool for creating a better choice for customers day by day.

Message from CEO

Tikin.az will set sail for innovation in the construction market in Azerbaijan and take it to a higher level. Our main priority is to ensure the comfort of everyone who uses our portal. However, gaining the trust of customers and sellers, providing future generations with a better product market is among our highest goals.