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Plastic items have many advantages. They can be very strong, lightweight and have no problems with water. Some tolerate temperature drops well. However, sometimes the appearance of plastic items after a while loses its attractiveness and scratches appear. Sometimes the color of the plastic item no longer pleases the owner. In this case, plastic paints help. With the help of these paints it is possible to protect the surface of objects and make them beautiful.

Almost any plastic detail or structure can be painted with plastic paint. However, different types of plastic paint are also used for different types of plastic.

Plastic paints are significantly different from other varnishes. In addition, plastic paints are divided into two major groups. These are paints that should be used inside and outside.

Polyester and polyurethane are commonly used for external use. Often with the help of these paints the facades of buildings, furniture and its details, car bodies are painted. These paints show high resistance to temperature changes and precipitation. Such paints also show good fixation results on any surface and are therefore used in the decoration of furniture. In addition, it is possible to get plastic paints used abroad in any color.

For internal use, mainly dry epoxy, acrylic and polyester paints are used.

The main advantages of such paints are:
  • Adheres well to any surface;
  • High resistance to mechanical and chemical damage;
  • Good resistance to acids, oils, alkalis;
  • Resistance to temperature changes and humidity;
  • Resistance to sunlight: therefore, products and spaces painted with acrylic paint can retain their original appearance for many years.

In addition, depending on the surface to be painted, paints are divided into types used for metal, wood and concrete. Plastic paints are also available in spray form.

The above-mentioned paints can be widely used in both repair and construction works.

There are many shops selling cheap plastic paint in Baku. However, you can use the online catalog of building materials to avoid wasting extra time by visiting stores. Plastic paint is also sold at a reasonable price in this catalog. From the many ads available here, you can buy both wholesale and retail plastic paint.

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