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In order to achieve the highest productivity in modern agriculture, it is necessary to use special agricultural techniques. Among these techniques, tractors are located in one of the first stages.

First of all, it should be noted that tractors are mainly used in agriculture. However, due to its high power and versatility, this technique also helps in solving construction and utility tasks.

Owners of large farms or arable land must have special equipment, such as a tractor, for high farm productivity. Thus, tractors and other agricultural machinery serve to significantly facilitate the work of people and perform a large number of tasks in a short time. Sometimes modern tractors are equipped with additional trailers to perform different types of tasks. All this allows you to cope with the task with maximum quality and achieve the necessary performance.

Tractors can be wheeled or tracked, depending on the ground on which they will be used. It is clear that caterpillar tractors are mostly used on soil, ie on unpaved roads. Wheeled tractors, on the other hand, perform better on paved roads.

The technical characteristics of tractors may vary depending on their model, brand and manufacturer. In the market of equipment sales in our country, it is possible to come across many foreign-made tractors. These tractors are equipped with a number of modern features and auxiliary devices such as alarm, heating and ventilation systems. These techniques currently on the market are distinguished by high productivity, reliability and ease of use.

The agricultural sector plays an important role in the Azerbaijani economy and special attention is paid to this area. Not surprisingly, the market sells tractors and other planting equipment at reasonable prices, which will facilitate the work of farmers, farmers and farm owners. Today, anyone engaged in agriculture in our country can both buy and rent "Belarus" tractors, one of the most widely used tractor models in this field, on favorable terms.

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