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Frontal and telescopic loaders are one of the most effective examples in the hardware market. Among the special equipment applied in the field of construction sites and agriculture in our country, it is necessary to emphasize the great work of telescopic loaders. Loaders of this shape can replace several different machines during the work process due to their technical characteristics. Thus, when telescopic loaders are equipped with the necessary accessories or trailers, they can easily perform the work of other equipment.

We are not mistaken in considering telescopic loaders as the most modern and promising construction equipment. This loader is used to perform various tasks in construction, mining and agriculture. This technique can be used on blocks, slabs, pipes, etc. can be applied during loading and unloading of materials and can complete the work 2-3 times faster than conventional cranes. Thanks to the perfect structure of these small loaders, it is also possible to load certain loads directly into the building with a shovel.

As we have noted, front and telescopic loaders can cope with a number of tasks, and the range of activities is wide. These loaders have other skills in addition to standard tasks such as lifting, loading and transporting cargo.

For example, this technique is able to cope with the following tasks:

• Unload construction materials from the machine;

• Transportation of goods and other equipment from one place to another at the construction site;

• Lifting loads to the required height, etc.

These techniques are used in construction as well as in open warehouses. The main reason for this is that telescopic loaders can move loads both vertically and horizontally. Also, front and telescopic loaders have a high maneuverability, and therefore help to perform all tasks quickly and efficiently.

It is possible to see that there is a great demand for front and telescopic loaders in the construction market in Azerbaijan. This is due to the increase in construction work throughout the country and the need for modern warehousing equipment. Telescopic loaders, which are invaluable equipment for many jobs in the market, are sold and rented. The loader market is constantly updated, and models with many features are released to the market day by day. Thus, the hardware market offers front and telescopic loaders that will satisfy every customer. The prices of these loaders are at a level that will meet the requirements of each customer in accordance with market norms.

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