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The modern construction market offers new products to its customers day by day. One of these new products is stone wool, one of the most popular building materials. Rock wool is mainly used for insulation of residential and industrial enterprises. Thus, this material has high thermal insulation properties, and its main task is to resist heat transfer.

As mentioned above, stone wool is used in many areas and is an invaluable tool for insulating interior partitions, walls and floors, both in construction and in the home. Currently, the use of stone wool for insulation is increasing.

Thus, stone wool does not let in heat in winter and heat in summer. Even at the highest temperatures, stone wool does not lose its properties and continues to perform its functions as before. For this reason, stone wool does not burn, does not ignite and protects the insulated space from fire. In addition, another advantage of rock wool is that it is not exposed to moisture and has a vapor permeability. Thanks to these properties, rock wool allows you to regulate the level of humidity in the space. Areas insulated with stone wool create a more comfortable and convenient environment for people. Also, the material itself is environmentally friendly and does not adversely affect the environment.

In addition to the above-mentioned features, stone wool has other advantages:
  • It is a long-lasting material
  • Dimensions are fixed
  • Resistant to mold, fungus and rodents, etc.

We observe the sale of a wide and wide range of stone wool in the modern construction market. In other regions of the country and in Baku, it is very easy to get stone wool for sound and heat insulation. So, if we look at the online catalog on the sale of building materials, we see that a variety of stone wool is sold. The price of this material is not too expensive and is in line with customers' budgets.

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