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Brick is one of the most widely used building materials. Different types of bricks are used in the construction of residential, industrial, commercial and special facilities. Bricks are widely used in any construction or in the construction of various walls and partitions. In addition, different types of bricks are suitable for the construction of foundations and supports, as well as during repairs. Bricks have many advantages. Their main advantage is their light weight and ease of use.

However, bricks also have the following advantages:

  • Houses built of brick are durable and long-lasting, and more aesthetically pleasing and eye-catching in appearance;
  • Any space built of brick is resistant to frost, moisture and is not exposed to wind;
  • Brick walls are also resistant to rot, insects and small rodents;
  • Brick is fire resistant and can withstand high temperatures. This feature makes the house or any place safe from fire;
  • The bricks have high sound insulation.

Brick is produced in different sizes (10 * 19 * 19 cm, 8 * 19 * 19 cm, 29 * 19 * 19 cm, 5 * 10 * 20 cm) and its color varies according to the color and quality of the clay from which it is made. In addition, the bricks are divided into two groups according to the production technology, silicate and ceramic bricks.

Also, in the construction market, decorative bricks, glass bricks, block bricks, hollow bricks, etc. used for the repair and design of the house are also used. These bricks, which are sold at low prices, have become very popular both in Azerbaijan and around the world. It is no coincidence that bricks are gaining such popularity in the construction market. The price of bricks is cheaper than similar products and is affordable for everyone. Every customer who wants to buy any type of brick wholesale can find a product that suits their budget by researching the price of bricks in the market.


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