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Crushed stone screening is a building material that is obtained by crushing rocks. It is a sand-like by-product. It is formed after crushing and separation of crushed stone into fractions.

This material is perfect for various decorative purposes. In construction, crushed stone is also used for concrete and floor (screed) works, for the construction of paths, children's and sports grounds.

Crushed stone, like gravel, must be clean. It is used for concrete mix to give strength.

In the manufacture of products from concrete of small thickness, gravel crushed stone of 5-10 mm fraction, similar to sand, is most often used. Screening is widespread due to its low cost but excellent performance. The material almost completely covers the need for sand.

In addition, the crushed stone used in construction must comply with the requirements of GOST 31424-2010.

Crushed stone is used for the following purposes:

● Concrete production;

● Preparation of masonry and plaster mortars;

● Laying of the foundation;

● Floor work;

● Paving slabs;

● Walking paths and sports fields, etc.

It can be divided into several types depending on the origin of the dropout. On this basis, it is determined in what area and for what purposes crushed stone can be used. Strength, flakiness and high adhesion are one of the specific characteristics of crushed stone.

Crushed stone, like other aggregates for concrete, attracts its customers at an affordable price. In the construction market of the country, wholesale of all types of high-quality crushed stone for any construction work at an affordable price is carried out.

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