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Repair and construction tools (50 listing)


It is no secret that if you want to carry out any repair work in your home, you will need a lot of tools. There are thousands of tools for repair and construction work. These tools are based on the rules of use, shapes, sizes, etc. they differ from each other in many ways. Also, these tools are divided into different groups according to their use both domestically and abroad.

At the same time, repair and construction tools also differ in the degree of difficulty in their use. These various tools guarantee productivity and efficient operation.

Electric tools

First, let's look at what power tools and equipment are used during repairs and construction. Electrical equipment is very helpful both in domestic and professional use. During the repair, drill, perforator, lagoon, electric screwdriver, lobster, saw, thermo pistols, grinders, etc. widely used from. All these accessories significantly help to save both time and money.

Gas-powered tools

Tools in this category are gas generators, saws, mowers and other cutting tools. Such gas generators are used during the construction of country houses, etc. In some cases, it acts as a primary and backup energy source. The use of such a mini-power plant is very convenient and simple. At the same time, this equipment allows to supply such energy to even a small construction site. Gas appliances do not require electricity and have a wide range.

Measuring instruments 

Measuring instruments are widely used in both repair and construction and in various types of industry to obtain accurate geometric dimensions. In the field of repair and construction, rulers, meters and other measuring devices made of many different materials are used.

Hand tools

Repair and construction tools belonging to this category are themselves divided into several subgroups depending on the type of work to be performed. This includes a wide range of tools for everyday use, from hammers, saws, axes, scissors to hydraulic scales. Hand tools are an indispensable aid in construction and repair work and guarantee a comfortable and safe work.

In addition to the above, pneumatic tools are also widely used for repair and construction. 

A large number of construction and repair tools are sold in the construction market of Azerbaijan, especially in Baku. The country's construction shops have developed significantly in this direction, and many modern tools can be seen in the market.


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