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Cargo transportation is carried out by various means. In this case, depending on the technical and operational characteristics of the load, the means of transporting the load is selected. Containers are often used for this purpose. This unique vehicle is an invaluable helper for the transportation of both wholesale and small volumes.

Containers are used in many cases and areas. Examples of this are moving from one place to another, repairing, and so on. we can show the transportation of items during. In addition, the containers are used for business transportation.

Convenience of use of containers means that it does not require packing cargo in bags, boxes and other boxes. In this case, it is sufficient to place the load in a special place inside the container. After that, the container is placed on the vehicle (car, wagon, ship, plane, etc.) and made ready for transportation. This means that the container is securely attached to the vehicle before departure. In addition, the size and capacity of the containers must be appropriate to the endurance of the vehicle carrying them. Only taking into account all these aspects, it is possible to ensure the safety of transported goods.


Along with cargo containers, office-type containers should also be emphasized. These portable office-type containers made of sandwich panels are widely used in construction. Thus, these office containers, which can be installed quickly and easily, are an ideal choice for the settlement of workers and employees in the construction industry. In addition, these containers are equipped with electrical and heating systems, kitchens and bathrooms, which are necessary for life. In addition, a portable dining room, dormitory, office, first aid station, etc. can be transported from office-type containers. It is also very convenient to use as. In addition, there are ready-made warehouse-type containers.

There are several types of containers, and they can be made of wood, dict, iron, and so on. can be produced from materials. It is advisable to consider the suitability of the container for the cargo to be transported before renting or purchasing the container in general. We are witnessing a large number of cargo shipments in Baku every day. Containers are a very profitable means of transportation. So, it is not difficult to find cheap containers in the capital. Also, many container owners offer a number of lucrative offers for both the rental and sale of these invaluable tools. Rental and sale prices of containers are fully in line with market standards and affordable for many customers.


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