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Ceramic tile (2 listing)


Tile is one of the most popular building materials. Tiles are widely used in both domestic and many other areas. Like other ceramic products, tiles are durable, easy to wash and hygienic. Due to these or other features, the tiles are purchased by a wide range of customers and play the role of an almost irreplaceable material during repair and construction.

Today, many manufacturers supply the construction market with a wide range of materials. These types are divided into groups according to their use in certain parts of the building, inside and outside. The large number and variety of types of tiles increases the number of these areas.

So, let's look at the areas where tile is mainly used:
  • Tiles for floors and walls. Tiles can be installed in any room of the house or office. It is possible to achieve any perfect result with quality tile. So, in this case, a modern and eye-catching interior design will be created. It is more expedient to use non-slip and decorative ceramic tiles for floors. However, the tiles used for this purpose do not require special care and are very easy to clean.
  • Tiles for the bathroom. Tiles are used for walls and floors in this space. It is clear that the bathroom is one of the main places of humidity, and therefore the use of ceramic tiles in the bathrooms is the right choice. Due to its positive features, these tiles do not lose their attractive appearance and do not deform. In addition, the tiles contain chemicals and shampoos, shower gels, body lotions, etc. not exposed to cosmetic products such as.
  • Tiles for the kitchen. Although the kitchen is not one of the places with a lot of humidity, the constant cooking process requires the availability of appropriate materials. Also, the surface of kitchen tiles is smooth, which allows you to quickly and easily clean.

In addition, tile is used as a facade of buildings. Ceramic tiles used abroad have thermal insulation properties, which allows them to be used more in cold regions of the country. Tiles are also used in the construction and repair of swimming pools.

The sale of tiles has a special place in the construction market and is in great demand. Like other building materials, tiles are available at low prices in Baku and other regions. Customers who want to buy this product for different jobs can make the most appropriate choice by looking at the tile catalog. The online catalog contains ads for the sale of all types of tiles, through which it is possible to order tiles on the most favorable terms. The price of the tiles is not expensive and will meet the requirements of all customers.

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