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Pumps and motor pumps for wastewater treatment (0 listing)


Pumps and motor pumps are used in both industrial and domestic applications. Before choosing both products, it is advisable to pay attention to the types, rules of use and different features.

Let's start with the pumps. Pumps that use kinetic or potential energy are used to absorb and discharge liquids. The pump is required for firefighting equipment, liquid discharge in residential areas, fuel supply and many other activities. In addition, pumps are divided into domestic and industrial types according to the purpose of use. Domestic pumps are used in households, while industrial pumps are used in enterprises and special services (firefighting).

In addition, pumps are divided into 3 types according to the type of water they pump:

· For clean water;

· For medium level dirty water;

· For high level dirty water.

Also, domestic pumping of water from wells, water supply, heating, drilling of wells, etc. performed.

Motor pumps are used to pump clean and dirty water. These pumps are powered by gasoline, diesel or electric motors. The main purpose of using pumps of different models is to draw water from flooded basements, irrigate various areas, clean tanks and prevent fires. Engine pumps can both suck and pump fluid.

What distinguishes motor pumps from pumps is the wider use of pumps. Motor pumps are mainly used in household, construction and firefighting. Also, fields are irrigated by motor pumps, water supply of buildings is provided.

Currently, there is a great demand for these facilities, which are widely used for cleaning wells and pumping sewage. There are many ads in the online catalog about these techniques, the prices of which are reasonable for each customer.

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