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Plasterboard accessory (2 listing)


Plasterboard is one of the most fragile building materials that requires special delicate behavior. For this reason, various accessories are used when using plasterboard during any repair and construction work. First of all, it should be noted that plasterboard is used for both ceilings and walls. It is also possible to create various design patterns using plasterboard and its accessories.

The main purpose of using these accessories, which we talked about when assembling drywall, is to protect the integrity of the material and all its technical properties. Thus, the most widely used plasterboard accessories are direct hangers called scorpions.

In addition, the following accessories are used when working with drywall:
  • Corners and profiles;
  • Pipes and connectors;
  • Hangers and straps;
  • Syrups;
  • Electrical extensions;
  • Tailor;
  • Putty;
  • Binder and other building elements.

In the construction industry, steel and aluminum are mainly used in the production of quality plasterboard accessories. Products made of this material are characterized by high resistance to moisture and the required mechanical strength. It should also be noted that the screws used to fasten drywall boards are purchased in addition, not on the accessories.

At present, all kinds of plasterboard accessories are sold in the construction market of our country, as well as in the capital Baku. First of all, let's note that you have a chance to get these accessories at the best prices. Before buying any type of plasterboard accessory, it is better to look at a few offers on the market and then make a choice. So, our site sells all kinds of plasterboard accessories, and you can find all the required materials here. So, by looking at the ads in the online catalog of construction materials, you can get accessories at low prices in Baku and other regions.

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