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Facade ceramic tiles (1 listing)


Each individual homeowner has the opportunity to decide what the exterior of the home will look like. The modern construction market offers buyers a large number of affordable repair and construction materials, one of which is ceramic tiles for facades. This material, which is widely used, is used for the facades of both individual houses and industrial buildings.

Facade tiles are an alternative to the brick, stone and wood materials used in this direction. This reliable and durable material is resistant to any weather conditions and significantly extends the life of this facade. In some cases, ceramic tiles laid on the facade do not lose their properties for 50 years and retain their shape.

Thanks to modern technologies, ceramic tiles for facades are produced in different colors and decorations. For this reason, the ceramic tiles we are talking about are not only used to protect the building from wind, rain and frost. They are also used to create decor patterns to suit the taste of the host.

In addition to the above, ceramic tiles for the facade have other advantages. 

So, these ceramic tiles:
  • Highly resistant to moisture. For this reason, it adequately protects the house from moisture, humidity and rainy weather;
  • Resistant to chemicals;
  • Resistant to abrasion, ultraviolet rays, high and low air temperatures. For this reason, the facade does not change color and is not deformed.
  • It is an environmentally friendly material, etc.

However, despite the name, tiles for the facade are also used inside the building. In particular, these tiles give an effective look when installed around the fireplace in a classic style interior design.

The use of ceramic tiles for facades is gaining popularity in Baku. Not surprisingly, homeowners who want to repair the facade of their house with this material are trying to make the most profitable choice. The catalog of ceramic tiles for facades can significantly facilitate the work of these people. Thus, the online catalog contains ads for the sale of ceramic tiles for all types of facades. By choosing from a range of ads, it is possible to get the desired product at any price, from the cheapest to the most expensive. In general, the selling price of these products is affordable and affordable.


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