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Although up to 20 tons of freight services are used in a number of areas, manufacturing companies and construction companies are constantly in need of this volume of freight services.

Not every company and enterprise has its own truck to transport heavy and large products. Thus, fuel costs, maintenance and repairs associated with the truck cause additional time and money loss. For this reason, entrepreneurs prefer to use logistics and freight services, which are the most profitable and convenient option for the transportation of up to 20 tons of cargo.

Various types of modern cars are used to transport these goods. As with less tonnage trucks, trucks with a capacity of up to 20 tons can be refrigerated, isothermal, awning, onboard, etc. kind of happens. In this case, a truck must be selected in accordance with the characteristics of the product for the best quality transportation of goods. Also, choosing the right truck guarantees the safe delivery of some kind of cargo.

Different types of products are transported by trucks capable of carrying up to 20 heavy loads, including:
  • Repair and construction materials;
  • Wood materials;
  • Metal structures;
  • Agricultural products;
  • Industrial, warehousing and commercial equipment;
  • Wholesale products, etc.

It should be noted that trucks carrying large volumes of up to 20 tons carry out intra-city, international and regional cargo transportation. The cost of transporting up to 20 tons of cargo can vary depending on the distance traveled by the car.

In addition, cars with a capacity of 20 tons have a number of advantages:

Convenience. Such trucks are equipped with special equipment for easy and fast loading and unloading. For example, tents can be unloaded from above and outside.

Security. Hooks are attached to the body of the car to secure the load. Such vehicles are used to transport fragile and fragile loads.

Saving. Trucks up to 20 tons also provide cargo transportation services for several customers simultaneously in the relevant direction. In this case, the customer pays not for the rental of the entire car, but only for the space occupied by the load.

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