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Bitumen mastic (2 listing)


For many years, mastic made in various compositions has played the role of a valuable building material during repair and construction. The last layer of mastic is used during the repair of roofing. When mastic bitumen is used in combination with other modifying materials during this process, the coating is durable and reliable.

The number of areas where this material is used is quite large and is divided into different types according to these areas. In addition, mastic bitumen is widely used mainly for roofing. The use of mastic bitumen is expanding year by year, and for good reason. So this material is cheap and the rules of use are very easy. This feature helps to save money on both the purchase of materials and labor costs. The low cost does not harm the quality of this material and allows you to maintain a high level of quality of the obtained waterproofing.

Mastic bitumen used for roofing today is a plastic waterproofing material produced with additives in synthetic and natural works. As the composition of this material is modified with modern and chemically organic compounds, they show good resistance to frost and heat. Mastic bitumen differs from other types due to a number of features throughout its evolution. The most important of these features is that this material can be applied to both rusty and wet surfaces. In addition, quality mastic bitumen dries quickly and has a reinforcing composition. In general, the rules of use of this material are very convenient.

Mastic bitumen is also divided into two main types: "hot" and "cold". As the name suggests, "hot" mastic must be heated before use. "Cold" mastic is applied to the required part without any prior preparation. Both types are used in different areas. Mastic, which requires prior preparation, is used for gluing roll materials for roofing. This type of mastic is also used for gluing multi-layer roofing. Cold mastic is also used for bonding roofing and waterproofing materials. This mastic also helps to fill any cracks and gaps in the roof. However, working with cold mastic is more convenient than with hot mastic.

There is a great demand for this material in Baku, our capital, where the autumn months are mostly rainy. Today, all types of mastic bitumen are sold in the country's repair and construction market. Due to the low price, it is possible to find mastic bitumen suitable for every customer in the market. In addition, many vendors offer mastic bitumen, both foreign and domestic production.


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