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Bulldozers are high-performance and reliable special equipment for large-scale excavation work. During construction or road construction, there is a need for bulldozers for excavation, hauling, and mining.

Bulldozers, which are earth-moving equipment in themselves, move freely, demonstrating effective results in earthworks and other such drilling. At the same time, high productivity, the ability to transport large amounts of soil and perform various types of tasks increase the demand for this equipment in various fields.

Today, bulldozers are used in road construction, construction, mining and other activities.

This technique is also used for the following other works due to its ability to carry cutting, drilling, drilled lumps and other such coatings:
  • Land leveling and clearing of excavated area;
  • Bringing the area to the required condition to start the construction process;
  • Creation of medium depth canals, reclamation works;
  • Re-filling ditches and other holes;
  • Mining site cleaning;
  • Cleaning large areas from waste, debris, snow, etc.

The moving parts of bulldozers allow the machine to move comfortably on different types of pavements. These techniques are divided into two types according to movement skills. Thus, modern bulldozers can be wheeled or caterpillar. Both types of movement, in turn, have their advantages.

Thus, caterpillar bulldozers are highly effective when working in off-road conditions. Wheeled bulldozers move more easily on public roads. Wheeled bulldozers are more commonly used for auxiliary cleaning than caterpillar bulldozers. However, the wheeled bulldozer has other advantages such as high durability and ease of movement.

At present, individual customers or businesses can rent or purchase bulldozers for various types of work in Baku and the regions. There are many lucrative offers and announcements on the market of working and new bulldozers. In addition, individual service owners have a number of affordable offers for bulldozer service. The rental price of bulldozers is quite affordable compared to other countries. Thus, by ordering or purchasing a bulldozer, you have a universal technique that will solve a number of your problems.

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